students walk near student union

Task Force Members

Elly Daugherty

Co-Chair: Eleanor JB Daugherty
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Nina Rovinelli

Co-Chair: Nina Rovinelli Heller, Ph.D.
Dean, Zachs Chair in Social Work and Co-Director, PhD Program


The Steering committee invites input and ideas from all campus constituents. You can share your thoughts confidentially with us at our comment form.


Task Force Member Title Email
Co-Chair: Eleanor Daugherty Dean of Students
Co-Chair: Nina Heller Dean, School of Social Work
Sandra Chafouleas Professor, Educational Psychology
Xingyi Chen Undergraduate Student Government Member
Terrence Cheng Director, Stamford Campus
Brittany Diaz UConn Undergraduate Student
Rebecca Feldman Undergraduate Student Government Member
Vicki Fry HR, Employee Engagement & Wellness
Abhishek Gupta Undergraduate Student Government Member
Kent Holsinger Dean, Graduate School
Scott Jordan Exec. VP for Administration and CFO
Jayesh Kamath UConn Health Faculty, Psychiatry
Kazem Kazerounian Dean, School of Engineering
Radenka Maric Vice President, Research
Karen McComb Director, Health Promotion & Community Impact
Kelsey O'Neil Director, Rainbow Center kelsey.o'
Suzanne Onorato Director, Student Health & Wellness
Jennifer Petro Student Health & Wellness
Sylvia Pu UConn Ph.D. Student
Angela Rola University Senate
Deepa Shukla UConn Graduate Student
Adrianne Swinney Athletics